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Professional Development


Professional Development

Your university degree will assist in getting you a postion in a water company but if you want to become a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) you will need to join an institution; the main ones are listed

  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
  • Institute of Electrical Engineers (IET)
  • Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)

With an accredited degree (you can check this by visiting the engineering council website) you will be able to complete an MPDS scheme. This is a minimum of a four year professional development programme which requires the engineer to appoint himself a mentor (preferably a line manger) and then join the institution as a graduate. You will then be able to start the programme which consists of meeting the UK Spec of competencies every quarter of each year. After completing the four years your mentor will then decide if you are good enough to go for your professional interview.

If you donít have an accredited degree there are three further options to becoming chartered;

  • Undertake a post Graduate accredited degree and then continue with the MPDS scheme
  • Complete a mature route report, this will be determined by the institution.
  • Complete an MSc in Professional Engineering, a new degree designed by the institutions and universities to meet the UK spec and gain Chartership upon graduation (following the professional interview)

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